Why I Am Buying Silver Instead Of Bitcoin

Above: Why I Am Buying Silver Instead Of Bitcoin.

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Your next video should be titled: Why I want to be poor (but own SIlver) as opposed to being rich by buying Bitcoin, making a killing, and then buy Silver monthly with profits…. Stackers are idiots! 10 straight years of consistent losses. And you still are betting everything that SIlver is going to the moon! Yeah, any second now! So foolish. If you could have broken out of your cognitive dissonance you could have bought Bitcoins for pennies in 2008. January 2017 Etherium was $1.50. today it’s $260. Because people listened to idiot stackers, they missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. It’s not too late to get into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Save yourself from this stupidity. Buy BOTH but right now is the time for cryptos.